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Rave Crocker
Age: 23
Location: Texas

Man I suck at updating this Blog

alright so it's been a while since I've done my last update sorry about that the last time I talked to you I was having issues with a Cruise line company. but boil a lot has changed since then first off I moved to Colorado after getting a job in Texas that job didn't last very long of course but when I moved to Colorado I got a job at a telemarketing company that job sucked but it made a little bit of money while I was working there I met the love of my life and if anyone's read the previous blogs I've owned before this you probably heard that a couple times but then again I was also a child while I was working there I met the love of my life and if anyone's read the previous blogs I've on before this you probably heard that a couple times but then again I was also a child at the time so I met this girl on a app called scout and the moment I saw her I knew who I wanted to be with her name is Rachelle she is 23 years old same age as me well actually she's 24 but only a couple months older than me so I gave her a hard time about it after I met her I saved up as much money as I could working that crappy job to go see herand then I moved again I moved to another section of Colorado only two hours from where I left previous but that meant I had to leave that job not that I was working there anymore anyway at that time so you got moved in and I search for new job I found one working at a water disposal company well that man that I had to use the money that I had saved up to go see her so that I can get back and forth to work and that really sucked the reason it sucks so bad is that I thought I was about to lose her because we had a rocky relationship already and we were online there was no way to see each other every day really she wasn't a fan of video calls she wasn't into calling on the phone and the only way I have to talk to you I was to text then through most of my jobs I couldn't really do thatI had even bought a plane ticket to go see her that following week I got the job I assured her that was in two more weeks I could go see her and I knew that Faith was pretty slim but she hang on and as much as it hurt me to not see her I was able to do it this new job allowed me to work for days and be off for days so I got to see her for four days I remember when I saw her for the first time in person I almost cried she was more beautiful than the picture more beautiful than any videos we had sharedmeeting her dad was rather awkward but I was glad that he was just as awkward as I was we got in a U-Haul Van that I had rented because I'm too young and don't have enough credit to get a rental car I remember I said would you like to get in my free candy van and the moment she got in she looked at me and she said there's no candy in here I know that you probably don't get that or understand why I think that's great but I just meant that her sense of humor was just as funny as mine you know I enjoyed but it just meant that her sense of humor was just as funny as mine you know I enjoyed itdriving to the hotel was also awkward because I learned that she didn't really like talking while I was driving once we got there though I took her to the room and we lay there for at least an hour before talking we spent the next 4 days in that hotel room, every night i made her a candle light bubble bath, the second day while she was in the bath with her snacks and music enjoying herself, i went in the bathroom and put a suit on, i came out sat next to the bathtub and proposed to her I told her how much I loved her and how I didn't want to live without her how lost I would be without her she was honestly the best thing that has actually ever happened to me and then I pulled out a ring and she actually said yes I know crazy huh so that night we went out to dinner I took her to a Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you and then we went to see a movie like to see the movie venom because we're both really ends marvel comicsthe last day was the hardest because I had to leave I had to go back home to Colorado without her when I got home my parents wanted to talk about my trip and I told him everything that happened almost everything and then two more weeks past and I flew out to see her again but this time in California cuz she was staying with her grandmother for a couple weeks and this time I convinced her to come back with me last minute and everything booked her ticket said it's your decision I book The ticket don't worry about the money it's there if you want to go if not we'll wait she ended up deciding to go packed her bag and headed to Colorado how lucky was it we even got to sit next to eachother we're getting married in March but regardless of what happens I still feel it's right that I should at least try to ask her dad for her hand in marriage we moved out of my parents about a month after we got there now we have our own apartment and we're trying to make a baby like I said this was long overdue this blog post there's so much more that's going to be happening within the next year or two I hope I can remember to talk to you about it until then this is rave signing out

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