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Rave Crocker
Age: 21
Location: Texas
So a few things have happened recently to me, i got a new job finally after sulking about american cruiselines. i was working as a graphic artist for a tshirt company, but they let me go because i was late a few times and because i got sick for 2 days and a week after i stayed home for a day to help my mom. so not a good company. anyway i was very interested in how the shirt stuff worked so one day at work i looked up how much the vinyl cutter we used was (we did screen printing so we barely ever used the vinyl cutters) and then asked how much they would charge me for the broken vinyl cutter. the owner laughed at me and looked at the manager and asked "how much are those $4,000.00? " to which i just kinda raised my eyebrow at his weird remark, and continued my day, a week later i bought a vinyl cutter for $240.00 i was trying to be nice and offer to buy and fix the broken one but i guess they dont like money... anyway. the owner looked at me one morning after hearing from someone else i bought a cutter and told me "i'd really hate to find out you are trying to make money selling shirts on the side." almost like a threat.... so now that i dont work there anymore guess what i'm doing... thats right I'm selling shirts from home. and actually doing pretty well. will i keep this as a career. probably not. but for now its fun. on the better side of news i've finally gotten most of my last name change sorted out i just have to wait for my court order paper to come back in and go to the social security office to get a new social security card and then send off my birth certificate to get a new one and i'm all done. i went ahead and got a passport while i was changing my name. something i've always wanted but never got a chance to get. but since i was paying so many legal fees for this anyways and i needed one for my trip to Japan I figured might as well do it now. so my passport is coming in the mail and my social and birth certificate is all there is left to change. i'd say life is looking up relatively speaking. oh and i made a graph or whatever that shows my japan trip saving progress that the public can see here.

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