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Rave Crocker
Age: 23
Location: Colorado

waiting hurts

I haven't been the best of people but if theres one thing I enjoy its writing love letters to my wife. and i like to think she enjoys them. recently I took a trip with her to minnesota, so far I have done it all pretty backwards, met her online, spent a 4 day trip with her on the third day asked for her hand in marriage, i didnt even have a proper car, i picked her up in a uhaul van, but she didnt care about any of that. she thought i was special because i thought she was special. and she is. but up til now nothing was done the way you are supposed to. and that was unacceptable. so I asked the second hardest questiin I've ever had to ask. the first being if she would marry me. the second was asking her dad for the blessing. when he said i could marry her time stopped for a brief moment. i felt every worry i had fall off my shoulders. i had permission to marry thr woman i dreamed of the woman that made me feel like i won the lottery every time she looked at me. the woman that no matter how much i do for her i will always want to go the extra mile to make her happy. i could finally have her and know that her father thought i might just be worthy enough to take a chance on. but right now my struggle is waiting. she didnt come back with me. she was missing her family and needed some time with them. we werr both pretty heart broken at the airport when i had to leave. but i think the hardest part was coming home. it wasnt until i opened the door to the house that an enourmous wave of sadness hit me. i made it inside and saw our bed. and realized my life for the next two weeks was going to be a lot of this feeling. here i am on day 2 talking about it. but i am going to be okay because she will be home in 12 more days and i already cant wait to hold her in my arms and kiss her. Iblove you Rachelle. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. and I am so grateful for the chance to love you. I will not waste it. I miss you.
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